Fox Cancels Anchorwoman After 1 Show

It did not take Fox long to cancel their latest reality TV show Anchorwoman as the show was canceled after just one airing.

The opening episode managed to attract just over 2.5 million people on Wednesday night.

Lauren Jones was the star of the reality TV show. She is a former WWE diva who was hired as an anchorwoman at a CBS TV station in Tyler, Texas.

Fox saw this as an opportunity to try and turn it into a reality TV show called Anchorwoman, but apparently has failed.

Fox stated that even though the show has been canceled, the unaired episodes, which is pretty much all of them, will air on Fox’s web site as well as Fox on Demand.

Unaired episodes of “Anchorwoman” will be available on Fox’s Web site through Fox on Demand, the network said Thursday.

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