What is Yash's reward for KGF 2?

Before KGF, it was considered to be the biggest blockbuster movie in the Kannada film industry, grossing over Rs 50 crore. And those who think that Kannada cinema is one hundred crores is a dream. One such KGF film has grossed hundreds of crores. Yash initially took a share from the profits after the release of KGF, which boasted of the Kannada film industry level at the All India level. With a huge film budget like KGF becoming difficult and doubts as to whether this film would be a workout, the producers played back and forth. Yash did not want to be rewarded at that time. I will take a share of the profits after the release. Even though Yash did not take the first part reward, he got the highest reward among Kannada heroes with his share of profits.

The KGF 2 movie is currently opening. This time, the producers did not give Yash up to Rs. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. Due to the craze for KGF 2, it is possible to easily collect Rs 300 crore this time as well. So Yash is likely to get a share of the profits in excess of Rs. According to information received from Kannada media circles, KGF 2 will get at least Rs. 50 crores will come through. If the film is a huge success, the share of those profits will go up and the Yash reward will be even higher. Kannada Star Heroes Superstar heroes who have never won this level of reward. Kannada movie analysts are of the opinion that Yash is likely to top the list of top-paid heroes in the South with KGF2.