Rowdy racing while staying close with those two-star heroes

Our young rowdy is the favorite hero of those two-star heroes. He has always been the backbone of his films. But the twist here is that Rowdy Devarakonda is ready to put a check to cross the two while the two get flattered. Who are the two-star heroes so far? I mean .. one is Mahesh .. the other is Bunny.

Now you know about Mahesh vs Bunny episodes. If Bunny targets Mahesh Babu .. is Vijay Devarakonda targeting Bunny now ...! I mean .. it looks like yes. Sariveru Nikevvaru competed in the movie Alavaikunthapuram .. Bunny stood as the winner in that race and showed his stamina to Mahesh Babu along with everyone. But this box office war with Mahesh Babu for Bunny has been going on forever. Although Mahesh has competed in this type of competition many times, the craze that came to Bunny with Victory this time has not come to Mahesh in the past. But still, Mahesh Dey has the upper hand.

Vijay Devarakonda, who is close to Bunny and Mahesh, has big plans to compete with the two. He was the first to target them on social media and break records. Bunny has 80 lakh followers on Instagram, breaking this record. Mahesh, who wants to shine as a Pan India star, is shocked to see the rowdy competition between the two. Is he a rowdy after Prabhas? Vijay Devarakonda's outburst has become a hot topic among the youth.