Are you going to the gym to meet the two? 

The lock-down time coincided one by one. Until yesterday, people from the common man to celebrities were able to pass the time by carrying a variety of new spreads that were confined to their homes. They did their best and shared videos, photos, and photos with the fans through social media. All key sectors are currently being reopened as part of Unlock 5. With this, the Stars also started coming out.

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With the re-opening of gyms, celebrities are flocking to gyms one by one. In the same vein, crazy heroines Rashi Khanna .. Rashmika started doing mandannasandadi. Doing workouts and throwing crazy challenges. Recently, a photo shared by the two went viral. The two are working out together in the same gym. Kuldeep Sethi is doing workouts in collaboration with Fitness Trainer.

Not only that .. Rashi Khanna added an interesting caption to the photo shared on this occasion. Captioned Twins in Ash Color Dress. These two are naturally smoky with the commotion they make in the gym. Netizens are commenting that the two are constantly going to the gym to meet. While Rashmi is making movies with star heroes in a row, Rashi is dragging with young heroes.