The Bodhisattva hero fell for the girl!

Bollywood muscle hero Vidyat Jamwal finally falls for a girl. He revealed that to himself. Apart from opening that chapter in his personal life. He said that he was in a relationship. He made the announcement on his own chat show X-Ride by Electric.

"I really like this girl," Vidyut said in the chat. Electric told the secret when he spoke with combat fighter Michael Jay White. “I started looking at a girl. You (Michael) are the first person I say. I just started looking at someone. I really like this girl. Michael inspired me to tell you before you know it through other sources. "

Talking about the girl in her life .. Do you know how we traveled to China to learn the history of martial arts. “I went to the Bodhisattva Shaolin Temple. This is the education I had when I went to China. Even if this person knew who was teaching the Shaolin monks. I fell in love with him, "he said. He said that he was very happy to chat with those who studied and respected Bodhisattva. But where is that girl in his life now? That is not to say electricity.