Akshay Kumar again on the Top

Khiladi Akshay Kumar knows about charity. His specialty is to respond immediately in times of disaster and make huge donations. In Bollywood, he has become a hero with a greater mind than Khan and a top hero with extraordinary earnings. Akki was inherently a patriot as his father was a high-ranking officer in the Army. That is why the country responds immediately to any difficulty. Generously donates to the government. It is a matter of course that he stood behind the Modi government.

Kovid donated a total of Rs 24 crore for the healing of the corona during the difficult period. During the Kovid period, he donated to the Government of India to use this amount for the welfare of the poor. According to the latest information, it seems that he has donated Rs 3 crore to BMC (Mumbai). Akki also requested that the fund be used for employees working at the field level to make more PPE kits for workers working hard to support Kovid in times of disaster. A total of Rs 24 crore is being given to Kovid victims and Rs 3 crore to Mumbai employees.

Akshay always comes forward for the people of the country in difficult times. In terms of career, Lakshmi Bomb starring Akshay is releasing in OTT. It is also the first Indian film to have a theatrical release in several countries. He is also working on other projects.