Adipurush 'Lankesh' Official Announcement

All Indian cinema fans are eagerly waiting for Prabhas' upcoming Bollywood movie 'Adipurush'. With the construction of the Rama Mandir in Ayodhya starting at this time, there will definitely be a special focus on cinema with the film being made on Ramu. That is why everyone is eagerly waiting to see this movie. Om Routh is directing the film, which is being made with a budget of around Rs 500 crore. Clarity has already come that Prabhas is Ramu. The makers also clarified who Ravana is today.

Within two weeks of the film's announcement, the unit members officially announced the identity of Lankesh (Ravana) in the film. Even since the announcement of the film, it has been rumored that Saif Ali Khan will be playing Ravana. Saif Ali Khan announced that he was Lankesh as the campaign was going on. With the entry of Bollywood star actor Saif Ali Khan, the weight of the film has increased even more. Lord Rama .. Clarity of Ravana Clarity is yet to come in the case of the characters of Sita Lakshmana.

Bahubali .. Bollywood star Prabhas Adipurush with Saho is confident that he will climb two more steps with the film. Everyone is eagerly awaiting that this is going to be a fantastic visual wonder. Coming with the tag of victory over evil, the film is sure to go down in the history of Indian cinema.