If CM candidate Rajani joins the party!

I have been doing service programs in many different ways for many years. My well-wishers who have seen my service programs .. Fans are asking me to get into politics. I have good news for all of them today. "My teacher Rajinikanth will walk in his footsteps after the party announcement," said Raghava Lawrence, who made the sensational announcement that he was going to join the Rajinikanth party.

It has become a hot topic in Tamil politics. It is interesting to note that Rajani's party statement has not yet entered active politics and people like Lawrence are coming forward to join the party. However, it seems that Lawrence has given a new twist to Rajini on this occasion. Lawrence received another new refrain announcing that he would join the party.

Lawrence said he had no objection to Rajini joining the party but said it was his condition to join the party. It is interesting to note that Rajani, the CM candidate, has said that he will join the party but not another person. It is learned that Rajani has said that he is not a CM candidate but an experienced person at the party. Lawrence, who took it seriously, said he would convince Rajini to be the CM candidate. It has been heard in Tamil cinema circles that it will be difficult for Lawrence to join the party if Rajani does not agree.