Pushpa shooting schedule from October

With the visit of Kuntala Falls, Bunny became a hot topic at once. How do you go about visiting without permission? That said, the charity's rush has left Costa fans confused. However, there is no evidence that Bunny was involved in the shooting, so he went! The campaign went on.

But according to the latest information received from the unit .. It is learned that Allu Arjun's flower shooting is going to start from next month. The film unit first planned to shoot some indoor scenes in the vicinity of Hyderabad and then in the Vizag Manyam area. In this movie, Bunny is going to fight with a tiger. It is learned that Sukku Bhai is planning to shoot in Vietnam.

There are various rumors that Bunny will be seen in a dual shade in the flower in which he will treat Surprise with a mass role as well as a class businessman look. It is hoped that the latest visuals will be unveiled on the Telugu screen as Sukku is planning schedules amidst waterfalls on the hill slopes in the crows not far away. Fans are eager to see what kind of magic Bunny does with a Chittoor accent as opposed to routine. Puspa is a movie that takes place in the background of red sandalwood smuggling. The news that the fight with the tiger will be the highlight is heating up.