Trendy talk: What a TV actor he is!

Leading Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap has recently revealed some interesting things about the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput about a project he has to do. Twice he tweeted, "Ghostland!" Anurag shared something that happened behind the scenes in Time, which was first released in 2014 on Hussey To Face.

We wanted to select Sushant for `Hasi Toh Fasi`. But he has signed three films with top banner Yash Raj Films. His first film under that banner was Pure Desi Romance starring Parineeti Chopra. However, Anurag recently revealed that Parineeti has not been willing to work with Sushant so far.

Anurag told journalist Faye D'Souza, "He has to do this film (Fussy with Hussey). We thought of a heroine. Parineeti Chopra says, "I don't want to work with a television actor." So who is Sushant Singh? That is explained. He is doing it by Kai Po. We are told that he is doing PK with Aamir. By the time Fossie came out with Hussey, we had explained to her that he was not just a television (TV) actor. After that, Yash Raj's company contacted him and persuaded him, "he said.

He said that if he had already discussed a project with Sushant, he would have disappeared. Everyone understood that going ahead with the YRF was a good deal for Sushant. Anurag said that no one opposed him when he was growing up. While Sushant was working in Shuddh Desi Romance with Parineeti .. Siddharth was working with Malhotra in Hussey with Facey.

"Sushant Singh Rajput has six blockbusters. He has four other films. Most people at the time did not know what he was doing. It just came out that he was dealing with depression. But the problem the industry had with him at the time was that he was demonizing everyone. It is not a problem that he misbehaves. People who meet him Sushant Singh Rajput is a great boy. Behaves very well ... sensitive .. good !! It is said that. But he is a ghost .. jet .. disappears, ”he said. The devil here means that he can not find the thick of anyone.

Anurag said he knew that Sushant was trying to change this mistake in him. He changed his agencies. Became a corner from the YRF. Anurag said that three weeks before the actor’s death, a new manager working at Sushant approached him. Sushant's manager Osari told me, "If Anurag calls ... he will not answer your call." Anurag feels that Sushant is also guilty of disappearing as it is not his film.