Mahesh has '14 lakhs' record

There is no doubt that Mahesh Babu is one of the most admired heroes in South India. He knows the level of social media followers. Facebook .. Insta .. Twitter He gets huge likes if he posts anywhere. The response to his post has always been overwhelming. Mahesh Babu has garnered over one lakh likes for most posts on Twitter. No other hero in the South has received so many likes. Of the tweets he has tweeted so far, 14 tweets have received lakh and then likes.

No hero got more than one lakh likes for 14 tweets. Yet most tweets have close to a lakh likes. Fans are saying that these likes are a testament to Mahesh Babu's stamina and stardom. On social media, fans say that Mahesh Babu is second only to South Heroes. Mahesh Babu will soon be joining the government in the shooting of their song film. The film will be directed by Geeta Govindam Fame Parashuram. The film seems to be about corruption in the banking system.