Kapil biopic in OTT .. Festival for fans!

It is known that Kapil Dev, who brought the first World Cup to legendary cricketer India, is making a huge biopic in Bollywood based on his life. The film will star Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev and will be directed by Kabir Khan. Post-production work on the film has also been completed. However, the film was supposed to be released in March last year. The film, which is being produced on a huge budget, was initially slated to be released in theaters across the country as a pan-India movie. However, rumors have been circulating for some time that it will be released on OTT with Corona Effect. While the information that those rumors are finally likely to come true.

Leading the OTT platform Amazon has come up with a huge offer to release this movie in all languages. With no indications that the Corona effect will diminish at the moment, the filmmakers are opting for a release on OTT, say Mumbai celebrities. Negotiations on the matter have already been completed. An official announcement is expected soon. The film was directed by Kabir Khan with great prestige. Being an 80s story, the director could have taken all the precautions to that extent. The release was halted for so long on the grounds that the audience would miss that thrill if it was released on OTT. However, the producers made this decision as the corona is not likely to shrink right now.