Kajal concluded that it was a fake lip lock

Lip locks have always been common in Bollywood movies. Even in South movies, lip-lock scenes have increased compared to the past but .. still not widely seen. Star Heroes Heroines are a bit out of place when it comes to lip locks. Surya is one of the heroes who does not like to have intense romance on screen. Such scenes are rarely seen in his films. However, Surya's lip-lock with the heroine Kajal in the movie 'Brothers' in which he acted a few years back took everyone by surprise. It is doubtful how Surya agreed to this. Kajal has experience doing lip locks in other movies. So what she did with the sun was a real lip-lock fight. Kajal revealed the real secret while talking about it in a recent interview.

But he was told about the director Kevinand lip-lock scene in the sun, but it will not be open to the Castle said. Surya in particular seemed to be very embarrassed .. but she revealed that the director had made alternative arrangements for that as it was very crucial for the film in that scene. First, he sat in a chair in front of the blue mat and kissed a glass .. then he also sat in another angle and kissed on a toy .. handing over these two scenes to the visual effects team changed the scene as if they had locked the lip .. it looks like the original lip lock Kajal O reveals in an interview. Surya played the role of identical twins in the film 'Brothers'. One of them is very riotous. Knowing that his brother loves Kajal .. he sets himself up to lock the two lips in the theater.