Rhea Chakarborthy Emotional About Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant's murder case has now turned into a drug case. Ria and her brother Shovik went to the emperor as if they had an affair with a drug racket. Shovik has already been arrested for allegedly buying drugs several times and making phone conversations about drugs. Now Riya says Emperor is also likely to be arrested in a drug case. Her father himself arrested my son. He later commented that he knew his daughter was going to be arrested, not to mention how much trouble Rhea was in.

Rhea revealed many interesting things in the NCB Inquiry. Rhea admitted that she bought the drugs under mandatory conditions as the evidence was all there too. However, he never took drugs. Ria said you can test if you want. At the same time, I did whatever he did for Sushant. Emperor Rhea clarified that she had to do similar things for him because she was in love with him and that even if she tried to discipline him that he had this habit before, the result was not good.

Some warn Rhea that it is not good to make arbitrary accusations that there is no way to make such comments about a dead person. All in all the whole thing is also in the background of the hustle and bustle of what is going to happen in the future but all are eagerly awaiting what the next consequences will be if Ria is arrested.