DRUGS case Did Deepika say anything to NCB So who is the King Pin

It is learned that Deepika Padukone appeared before the Narcotics Drug Control Bureau on Saturday in a Bollywood drug case. NCB has issued a summons to Deepika due to a drug chat with manager Karisma. Deepika, who received the summons, appeared before the NCB on Saturday. However, she was interrogated for five and a half hours. However, a national media outlet has so far reported that Deepika was emotional and cried three times during the trial. However, according to another source, Deepika did not divulge any details in the investigation, did not reveal anyone's names, and tried to avoid the whole thing, according to a recent national media report.

The latest news is that Deepika has not been given any clean chit in the drugs case. Once again, Deepika has to appear before the NCB. Deepika admitted to a drug chat between herself and her manager Karisma but NCB officials said they were unhappy that no further details were revealed. Deepika Mall in drug chat. However, the media reported that he did not take drugs.

The agency also questioned Dhruv Chitgopaker, a founding partner of the Talent Management Agency. Some of this information was revealed when Talent Manager Jaya Saha was questioned. The national media report is heating up that he is becoming the 'King Pin' for this case.