Babu, it would be good to post a photo of him smiling on his birthday ...!

Today, on the occasion of Power Star Pawan Kalyan's 49th birthday, congratulations are pouring in for him on social media. Along with mega fans, cine politicians are giving birthday wishes to Pawan Kalyan. Everyone remembers their attachment by sharing photos with Pawan. In this context, a tweet addressed to superstar Mahesh Babu Pawan expressed his uniqueness. Even though all the cine politicians have wished Pawan a happy birthday .. Mega fans are happy that Mahesh Babu wishes him a happy birthday.

Mahesh Babu tweeted, "Happy birthday Pawan Kalyan !! Your kindness and humility will always inspire change. I want you to always be happy and healthy !! '' he tweeted. Mahesh also shared a rare photo with Pawan Kalyan. Mahesh-Pawan fans are retweeting this tweet with a large number of likes. However, some other mega fans are dissatisfied with the photo shared by Mahesh.

The reason for this is that while Mahesh Babu is seen smiling in this photo .. Pawan is seen in serious looks. That is why people are commenting that it would be better to post a photo of Pawan smiling on his birthday. However, others are commenting that there are very few occasions when Mahesh and Pawan meet.