A true carpal tunnel? Fight China though !!

Kangana vs Bollywood Mafia! Knowing about the war. The Queen's invasion of the male-dominated world continues unabated. Kangana is playing evil by finding all those who are found. Talented Anurag Kashyap is also accidentally found in the group. What about the Kangana vs Anurag war? How much to say?

The two of them put satires on each other and overtake Puri with punches. Recently Anurag Kashyap tweeted sarcastically about Kangana. Its essence is as follows. Kangana Ranaut. Are you a real Manikarnika? But fight China, "he said. This is Kangana's reply to an earlier obscene tweet. "When Kangana said that he does not bow to his enemies and lives with self-respect, he challenged them on social media.

What else did Anurag say in that message ...! "You are the only sister .. the real Manikarnika. Take four or five people with you and go fight China. See how far the Chinese have come into our territory. Do so and show that there is no need to worry about India. How long have you been there to protect us ..! Only a day's journey from your home in Manali. Go .. Our tiger was punched sarcastically by Jai Hind.

The tweet from Kangana reads, "I am a warrior. I can allow my head to be cut off. But do not bow to the enemy. I will always raise my voice for the self-respect of my country. I respect. I live proudly as a self-respecting nationalist! I will never compromise with my principles. I will never compromise! "Jai Hind," said the Queen.

Anurag satirized Kangana, who declared herself a `warrior 'and a' nationalist ', as the' only Manikarnika '. The Queen countered by saying, "He's stupid." Vvarevva .. Netizens were amazed to see that this is beyond the movie entertainment.