KGF Star will Follow Bahubali 

Prabhas .. Yash Anand is no doubt one of the heroes who informed Bollywood about the status of South Indian movies. Bahubali .. Prabhas has surpassed Bollywood heroes with Saho movies. There is no doubt that even the superstars there have dropped to the position after Prabhas. Yash from South Kay is also currently having a huge craze in Bollywood. There has been a lot of talk in Bollywood about Yash with the KGF movie.

The KGF2 movie is currently being made. The movie is also a super hit but it seems certain that Yash will settle down in Bollywood. Prabhas has been making huge Pan India movies in a row. He recently said ok to Hindi debut 'Adi Purush'. There is no doubt that he is currently the biggest star in India. That is why now Yash is also going to follow Prabhas. Like the craze that came to Prabhas with Bahubali, Yash also got a huge craze with KGF.

Yash is planning his future without losing that craze. Yash wants to make a KGF-style action film along with a big-budget film. At the same time, hints are being given that he intends to act in Bollywood as well. On the one hand, he listens to Kannada scripts and on the other hand, he also listens to Hindi filmmaker's stories about acting in Bollywood. There are reports in the Kannada media that Yash will make a Hindi film after KGF2. KGF2 is expected to be completed by the end of this year. So it is said that Yash will make an announcement on the new film next year.