The mystery of Sushant's Death

Bollywood young hero Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case is turning into a daily mystery thriller. Mumbai police investigating the case have already questioned several Bollywood celebrities who were close to Sushant. But now Bihar police have also entered into Sushant's suicide case after Sushant's father recently lodged a complaint against Riya in Patna. It is learned that if the Mumbai police found one kind of evidence related to this case during the investigation then now the Bihar police are finding another kind of evidence. Already Mumbai police are investigating whether Sushant committed suicide several days ago .. what happened before Sushant died. According to Mumbai police, Sushant had a party on June 13 at his home in Bandra.

Now, as part of the Bihar police investigation, Sushant Singh has spoken to a housemaid. Sushant Servant gave a new twist by saying that no party was held at Sushant's house on June 13 .. Sushant fell asleep immediately after dinner .. He also woke up on the morning of June 14. With this, articles in the national media were expressing many suspicions that the Mumbai police had said that Sushant had a happy party the day before his death. What happened on June 13 at the original Sushant's house .. Now everyone is wondering why different articles are coming out on this. In addition, it shocked everyone that Riya Chakraborty was going to the Supreme Court, asking the Bihar police to investigate the case rather than the Bihar police being involved in the case. Riya released a video saying that justice will be done to her in this case .. that she has faith in God and the judiciary .. Satyameva Jayate. It remains to be seen when Sushant's suicide case will come to a head.