Unlock 4.0: Green flag for the toy in theaters?

It is well known that the whole country enforces lockdown with a single decision in the wake of Corona. It is known that the lockdown rules are relaxed one by one afterward. The process, which began with the name Unlock 1.0, is said to be soon revealed by the center to 4.0. Even though three unlock centers have been announced so far, cinema halls, gyms, and yoga centers have not been declared OK. In addition, metro trains are not allowed.

According to the latest information received, the newly announced Unlock 4.0 is said to be OK for cinema halls. With the closure of cinemas for almost five months, the direct and indirect employment of millions of people has fallen to the governments. With this, they are saying that it will be ok for movie theaters in Isarian Lock. However, the government will soon issue guidelines for the opening of movie theaters.

It is said that care should be taken to have AC 24 degrees in the theaters in the background of the corona. It is like giving special spectacles to the 3D movies already. It is said that the rule of wearing a face mask while watching the movie will also be brought. Not only that. It is said that a strict rule is enforced to completely sanitize the entire cinema hall after every show.

Contactless ticketing. In addition to regular sanitization. Including more security measures. It is said that movie theaters will be allowed to open. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.