#SushantMystery Did Rhea launch dangerous drugs?

Sushant's forced death case is not unraveling. Girlfriend Rhea continues to tighten the noose around the Emperor's neck. The CBI, which is investigating the case in-depth, is currently in the process of unraveling the knot. And another new twist in this is smoking. The same Ria has good relations with drug dealers ... WhatsApp messages related to drug purchases are raising the heat. The truth is that Emperor Rhea bought illicit drugs. And did consuming them for Sushant ruin his health? What causes Sushant depression? The CBI is investigating the matter. Investigations are currently underway into the conspiracy angle in Sushant's case, including the purchase of drugs.

Rhea is heating up a WhatsApp conversation with a recent drug dealer. In a conversation with drug dealer Gaurav Arya, Riya asked about the dangerous drug prohibited methylene methum fetamine. "I need information about hyperpower drugs ... they have never been used," Rhea quoted the drug dealer as saying. Chat in 2017 but is there any other conspiracy behind this? An investigation is underway.

Also discussing drugs with small-time actor Jaya Saha. Did the drugs work well? Questioning Rhea came out in that chat. Not only that .. I asked him to coordinate the tone in the case of drugs .. Thank you very much! Ria sent the message. Another new angle is the emergence of Rhea's brother's links with the drug dealer. Another message from Riya Chakraborty with Sushant's family member Samuel Miranda is going viral in the media. The CBI is investigating them as it was also a conversation about drugs. So far, Ria has not been questioned by the CBI. It seems he no longer has to face the questions in terms of drugs. The CBI, which has obtained all the information from the entire bank authorities, will investigate from various angles. CBI officials also investigated Sushant's spiritual treatment at the Waterstone resort. Pitani. Neeraj has been questioned by CBI officials for the last three days. It is expected that there will be a chance for various facts to come out.