Subramanya swamy made a statement on sushant case

Mumbai police have yet to confirm the suspicious death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. It was in this order that it took on a political color. BJP leaders in Maharashtra have criticized Sushant The murder. Residents of Bihar state are also making similar allegations.

BJP senior MP Subramanya Swamy, who has been fighting Sushant's death from the beginning, has recently made sensational allegations. He had recently written a letter to Modi asking him to hand over Sushant's case to the CBI.

Subramanya Swamy alleged that Sushant Singh was killed with a stun gun used to give a shock. They demanded that the case be investigated by the CBI as well as the NIA.

Subramanyaswamy recently made sensational allegations that the impressions on the left side of Sushant's neck were with a stun gun.