Slightly sour them with Jakkanna's comments!

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The campaign has been going on since the first week of September. But theater owners are worried about whether people will come to the theaters. With OTT popularity skyrocketing and new movies coming on OTT, some are skeptical that people will come to the theaters. The remarks made by Rajamouli at a time like this are giving some relief to the theater owners.

In a recent interview, Rajamouli spoke about OTT theaters. When asked by the anchor if he thinks people will come to the theaters in the wake of the growing popularity of OTTs, Rajamouli said ... Corona's fear should go away completely from the masses. Only then do people come to the theaters. Definitely queue up for theaters if the corona among the masses goes unnoticed. Rajamouli is confident that if a big movie comes out, there will be more people coming than ever before.

According to him, a big movie should come when Corona is scared. It should reap record levels of revenue. Analysts also say that then the previous situation will come again. From the beginning of next year until the wallpaper season, the corona fear is that the upcoming movies for Sankranthi are sure to dust off, others say.