Star heroine to appear as 'Village Dancer' in Vijay Sethupathi movie ..!

Along with Telugu, Tamil .. Shruti Haasan has become a star heroine by making films opposite Star Heroes in Hindi. Amadou Katamarayudu did not appear on the Telugu screen again after the movie. Between those two years, she was away from the movies because of love. However, with the recent love breakup, Muddugumma is focusing on movies again. In fact, despite being the daughter of senior star hero Kamal Haasan, she has made a name for herself. After a long gap, She is currently appearing in the Telugu film Ravi Teja opposite Crack and Pawan Kalyan opposite Vakil Saab. Shruti, who is confined to her home due to lockdown, always reaches out to her fans by posting something on social media.

Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi introduced himself to the Tollywood industry with the Telugu translation of Pizza. Needless to say, Vijay's name is unique in the South Indian film industry. Not only as a hero but also as an actor, he made a name for himself as a star actor by playing characters in other heroes' movies. He recently played the role of a villain in the Telugu film Uppena. However, he lined up a series of films as a hero. 'Profit' is one of them. However, the latest Shruti .. Vijay Sethupathi hit the chance to play the opposite. Shruti is going to appear as a rural dancer in the movie Labham. However, Shruti, who is currently busy with various projects, feels happy that she has found a good character. It is learned that Vijay Sethupathi will be seen as a social worker in the film. What a compliment to Shruti as a rural dancer .. !!