Full stop to their love with 'Love Aaj Kal'

Sara Ali Khan, daughter of Bollywood star hero Saif Ali Khan, has just entered the industry. The news came that the young hero fell in love with Karthik Aryan without earning stardom as a heroine. The two of them looked out of place and the two were so close that the love affair between the two was confirmed to be true even if they did not say so. The two have been the subject of various rumors in the Bollywood media. However, the two put a full stop to their love for years

The two co-starred in Love Aaj Kal directed by Imtiaz Ali. Even during the promotion of the film, it seemed very close. But they have not been seen together since the movie promotions were completed. After that, the two stopped following each other if they saw the instagram accounts. The last few days have seen a full stop to the media hype as both have been unfollowed.

There are rumors in Bollywood circles about what happened during the movie Love Aaj Kal. They stayed together all day with the intention of not having a problem with the film promotion and never met again after that. After that, they unfollowed each other on social media. With that came clarity about the two breakups. Some say the two will break up with the intention of focusing on their careers. Currently, both are also busy with their respective movies. So there is a lot of talk going on that they might be a breakup for a career.