Shakistunna Akkineni Kodalu Dress Cost

The wedding ceremony is very special. That event is rare. Especially in the celebrity world, the manner in which they compete for glittering performances at such celebrations is constantly debated among the commoners. Phase 3 people resort to similar functions for status elevation.

Earlier, it was reported that the Bollywood celebrities were designers at the Ambani wedding at the Antilla building in Mumbai. Expensive designer dresses worth lakhs .. Spending crores of rupees and shining with gold and diamond jewelry were the highlights of the exhibition. It has been reported that Ambani's daughters have spent crores of rupees on accessories for their sons' dresses, which have been heavily spent by Bollywood's leading designers.

No one else can compare with Ambani’s Wedding. However, in the current epidemic, wedding ceremonies are becoming much simpler. The designer will be seen at the wedding of Tollywood hero Rana and Mihika on August 8. But even before that, this kind of coloring was seen as a highlight in Haldi .. Mehndi celebrations as well. It is known that Samantha, Rana's cousin, made a noise during the Mehndi ceremony. All eyes were on Samantha throughout the ceremony. All eyes are on the yellow designer dries he wears. Who actually designed it? I mean ... designed by renowned designer Arpita Mehta. Its price is 1.59 lakhs.

Speculations are rife as to the range of cost of the dress designed by Sam for the wedding ceremony and the value of the jewelry he is wearing. Samantha, who receives over crore rewards for each movie, does not think that this is such a big expense. Netizens are commenting that Akkineni Kodalu has to be persuaded to elevate his status.