Pan India star ignoring star directors ...?

Young Rebel star Prabhas has gained worldwide recognition with his film 'Baahubali'. Prabhas, who was a Tollywood star hero till then, has become a 'Pan India Star'. In order to maintain that image, Pan India is announcing a series of projects. He had earlier released the movie 'Saho' in this context. Directed by young director Sujeet, the movie did well regardless of the outcome. While on the sets of 'Saho', Prabhas read 'Radhe Shyam' directed by 'Jill' fame Radha Krishna Kumar. In this sequence he announced that he was going to make the 21st film of his career under the direction of Nag Ashwin. Now, Bollywood director Om Routh has announced the latest bilingual film 'Aadi Purush'.

While Prabhas is currently the only one among the star heroes of Tollywood, he has put so many crazy projects in line. However, it can be said that all the films starring Prabhas are made with medium range directors. Prabhas, who got the biggest hit by acting under the direction of director Rajamouli, is going with medium range directors instead of star directors. The young director, who is known for his film 'Run Raja Run', has put a huge project called 'Saho' in his hands. He is also working on 'Radhe Shyam' with Radha Krishna Kumar, who has only one film experience. Nag Ashwin, who has made two films like 'Evade Subrahmanyam' and 'Mahanati' in this order, is going to make a big budget film. Director Om Routh, who has been selected for the Bollywood entry, has also directed a film in Marathi and only two films in Hindi, 'Tanaji'. Against this backdrop, Prabhas' selection of medium range directors to maintain the Pan India star image is surprising. However, it seems that Prabhas is committing films with them believing in the talent and the story rather than the director's experience.