Our Daughter has never been pregnant Says Disa


Sushant's death is suspected to have something to do with the suicide of his former manager Disha Salian. A few days before Sushant died, she jumped from the top of the building and committed suicide. Sushant was also reportedly interrogated in her suicide case. In the wake of this much news, rumors came in the media. That is why even before Sushant died, Disha Salian's name was searched on Google. At the same time, there are various rumors circulating about her.

It was also rumored that Disha Salian was pregnant and that some people had insulted her. That campaign has become even more intense since Sushant died. With that, the direction parents came forward to the media. There is no prospect of doing such campaigns after their daughter dies. The post-mortem report after her death made it clear that she had never been pregnant, not just now.

Disha's mother insisted that the propaganda that she was being harassed was not true. Who appealed not to make comments to bring a bad name to the direction. It warned that it would not be appropriate to make such remarks during the current trial and that legal action would be taken against them if such allegations were repeated. The case of Sushant's death has reached the CBI. So now they are likely to inquire into the subject of direction suicide.