Madhuravani also played the role of Prabhas in

the movie

Bollywood star heroine Deepika Padukone has already been selected as the heroine in the Prabhas Nag Ashwin movie. With that, the level of cinema has increased exponentially. The news that another heroine is going to act in this movie has been coming for the last few days. Nag Ashwin also played Samantha along with Kirti Suresh in the movie Mahanadi. Samantha played the role of Madhuravani and impressed. Along with the role of Kirti Suresh, the role of Madhuravani has been the lifeblood of the film.

Madhuravani is a journalist in the movie Mahanadi. Samantha did that role. There is no doubt that Savitri Madhuravani's characters will stand out even without the combo scenes. He is currently working on a film with Prabhas that will have a Madhuravani-like character. Even though the character appears in the film for a short time, the character is crucial in the story. So Nag Ashwin is trying to cast a popular heroine for the role.

Apart from being an actress, Niveda Thomas, who has impressed in many films with her beauty, is also planning to be selected. She is well known in Telugu as well as Tamil. The film, which is shaping up to be a Pan India movie, is being produced by Ashwinidat with a budget of around Rs 400 crore. The film is expected to hit theaters next year and is expected to hit theaters in 2022.