'Prabhas' should have a building with Hollywood stars: Senior Rebel star

It is known that star hero Prabhas announced the movie 'Adipurush' and gave a treat to the fans. Everyone is of the opinion that with this film, Prabhas is going to take a permanent step in the Bollywood industry. However, Prabhas Pedananna senior hero Krishna Raju Adipurush gave a thrill by saying a few things about the film. Krishna Raju said .. ‘Adipurush means Vishnumurti .. Adipurush is one of his incarnations. The film unit decided to make this film as a visual wonder with a huge budget with a socio fantasy story. Prabhas was very impressed when he heard this subject .. he said let's make sure it is good immediately. Also, I heard the story of this movie. I liked it too. Definitely going to be a very big movie. It is planned to release not only in Indian languages ​​but also in Hollywood. The foundation stone was recently laid for the Ayodhya Ramalaya. It is a great thing that the Adipurush subject has come to the screen while the whole world is waiting for that Lord Rama. This movie will be the greatest movie of Prabhas' career.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The film is going to have a budget of almost one thousand crores. Prabhas is going to tell the world about the greatness of our myths and legends with the film 'Adipurush'. "My wish is that after watching the movie Bahubali, Prabhas wanted to do pan-India movies. But Bahubali got that mark with the movie. Now he is going to the Hollywood range. I also said my wish with Prabhas. I want to dine with you at Flowery Hills. Meals at Flowery Hills means There will only be an entry for Hollywood stars. So I asked Prabhas to dine there. There should be a building for Prabhas too. I want to dine with Prabhas there. I think that wish will come true soon. Fans are talking about whether it will fulfill the desire of the poor to see.