Which of these KGF 2 teams faced in Pan India?

COVID 19 People are afraid to come out if the merger continues. Thousands of cases are circulating if there is a situation where you have to turn on the roads in a mandatory situation. No longer do any of the star heroes like to come out. To whom they are in the house. The states have also announced that they will be enforcing Unlock 4.0 regulations without any hassle for shooting from the center.

Who was the first big hero to go on the sets with this? That begs the question. Prabhas .. Chiranjeevi .. Mahesh. Which of the following is going to go to the sets first? The discussion went on. Radhe Shyam, played by Prabhas, is still pending. He will be starring in the next two big films. So it has to be done fast one after the other. Chiru .. Mahesh .. Bunny .. I have to get in the ring now.

Young Tiger NTR .. Ram Charan's situation is different. RRR is a condition in which filming is completed but not moved to the next project. However, all of them are still following the trend of waiting. Going to the sets, many people are still panicking as the corona is getting a positive result.

In exactly such a situation the KGF team landed in the ring. KGF set a record as the first pan Indian film to dare in the corona. From today, filming will be on key characters including Prakash Raj on the KGF set. Stills related to it are going viral on social media. Rajamouli .. Directors like Koratala are stepping up a bit in the case of COVID. But Prashant Neil dared and started. It is learned that Rajamouli was recently treated for mild corona symptoms.