Kajal's engagement is not a gossip .. Do you know who the guest is?

It is known that there have been various rumors circulating about the wedding of beauty Chandamama Kajal for some time now. Kajal, who is in her 30s, is now ready for a wedding lock. With enough free time in the lockdown, all the celebrities are going home. Now that Kajal's turn has come, there are various rumors that weddings are going up soon.

Kajal's family but the groom's party kept the engagement a secret without officially announcing it. Not only that .. but Costar Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas is also rumored to be attending Kajal's engagement.

Not only this with the engagement the wedding arrangements are going on. It was during that sequence that Kajal phoned her director-producers Heroes and set some conditions. Indicating that he should finish his part shooting quickly. Having already phoned and told of the fights. Acharya told me to finish quickly no matter what the schedules are. Also after giving a hint to Indian 2 director Shankar. Rumors are circulating that Kajal is cooperating with the fights over the phone call and changing the schedules to suit Kajal. Now that Kajal is yet to commit to another new film, there is a lot of hype that all this is not true.