Is Janatha Garage Combo Going To Repeat In

Trivikram Movie

NTR RRR is going to do a movie with Trivikram as soon as the film is completed. If everything had gone well, the RRR movie would have been completed by now and NTR Trivikram would have been ready to read the movie or at least read it. Everything became chaotic due to corona. Clarity is not coming in the case of RRR movie shooting. With that, Trivikram also has to wait. NTR Trivikram movie Pattalekke is likely to release from March or April next year.

There is a lot of news circulating on social media about their combo movie. Another piece of news recently has started pushing about their combo movie. Director Trivikram has approached Malayalam superstar Mohanlal for a pivotal role in the film. Trivikram was of the opinion that Mohanlal would be good for the role of a politician. Trivikram is going to play a good role with Mohanlal in doing politics with values.

Earlier in the film Janata Garage, director Koratala Shiva brought the duo to the forefront of the combo audience. NTR Mohanlal's combo is known as Success Combo, so the news is coming that Trivikram chose Mohanlal for the film without much thought. Negotiations are underway to select Janvi Kapoor as the heroine of the two kisses in the film. Clarity on all these matters is likely to come soon.