Is the doll following the path shown by Guruji?

It is rare for a director to portray heroines in defiance of a star hero. In most movies the heroines are not so prominent. There are those who choose heroines only for glamor content. But the magician of words Trivikram Srinivas parted ways. That is not the case in his films. Guruji specializes in portraying the heroine in a heroic manner.

There is nothing to be said about the role of Pooja Hegde in the 2020 record breaking hit movie `Ala Vaikunthapuramu`. In this movie Pooja elevates the beauty and the emphasis given to his character is very high. Pooja character who looks similar to Bunny. Pooja lived up to the role that befits the title of Ala. Guruji himself acted so that means it is correct. Pooja had earlier appeared in the role of Aravinda in the film `Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava`. However, compared to that character, Ala's character is greatly enhanced by the verses on the screen.

That is why the doll is now following the path shown by Guruji. Pooja Hegde got stardom with Alavaikunthapuram movie. He had never had such a big range hit before. It was only after Trivikram aimed at Pooja that the range abruptly increased. Trivikram excelled in the role of Poojani Ala. Also showing the beauty of his elegant legs, he did the magic of a basket ...! Thais .. showed all the elegance of the legs tricky to show. As people like it, now Pooja is suggesting to the directors that she should concentrate on this kind of elevation (Thai shows .. toe beauty elevation) in every one of her films.

Recently, the poster left by Akhil Most Eligible Bachelor Team was also redesigned taking care of the viewers' focus on Pooja's legs ..! That means Guruji can understand the range of influence.