Sushant Death Mystery deepens day by Day

The suspense that started when his father KK Singh complained to the police that Riya was directly or indirectly responsible for the death of hero Sushant is now confident that the real facts will come out soon as the CBI inquiry is ongoing. Sushant's family members did not have any health problems. He died due to Riya. Some people are promoting depression. Family members are questioning why Sushant needs to go into depression.

Sushant's family members are confident that depression was not the cause of his death. Earlier, a WhatsApp chat screenshot of Sushant's sister came out after they claimed that the real Sushant did not have depression. In it, Sushant mentioned the matter of concern and the matter of the medication he was to take. Sushant used to share the prescription of the drugs she used through WhatsApp. So family members already know that Sushant is suffering from depression.

Riya's supporters say they are lying that Sushant was completely healthy even though they knew him beforehand. They all seem to be making serious efforts to fit Rhea into the case as well. She has been sharing the hashtag "Justice for Riya" on social media saying justice should be done to her. The leaked WhatsApp chat is likely to play a key role in the CBI inquiry.