As Bollywood Buddhi has shown ...!

It is known that Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone is playing the role of the heroine in the movie which will be screened in the combination of young rebel star Prabhas and Nag Ashwin. The movie, which will be the 21st in Prabhas' career, will be produced on a huge budget under the banner of star producer Ashwini Dutt Vyjayanti Movies. It is learned that Deepika Padukone has taken a hefty remuneration for this project which will be made in the science fiction genre. Although the film unit wanted to take the film to the sets later this year and shoot seats in the Prabhas-Deepika combination, it seems that it has been postponed to next year due to a date clash.

While Deepika Padukone was on the sets of 'Chapak', Bollywood Badshah gave the green signal to act in a movie with Shahrukh Khan. On the other hand, Deepika plans to participate in this project shoot in parallel while acting in '83. However, due to Corona, Shahrukh Khan has not taken up the project for the last five months. Meanwhile, Deepika has admitted that she has acted with darling Prabhas. Now the makers are planning to take the Shah Rukh project to the sets in November or December. With this, Deepika has to participate in the shooting of the film immediately. Therefore, Deepika has given the dates allotted for Prabhas movie to Shah Rukh Khan movie now. In this context, it seems that Prabhas will participate in the shooting of the film Ammadu next year.