The hand behind Sushant's death?

Bollywood hero Sushant's death has been the subject of many allegations. From the suspicion that Sushant's hanging nightgown can withstand the weight of 80 kg ... to the quarantine of Patna Singam Vinay Tiwari, a Bihar police officer who recently came to investigate Sushant's case, in the name of Corona ... there is a lot of discussion on social media. Disha's mother also demanded that the suicide case of Disha Salian, who worked as Sushant's manager, be handed over to the CBI in the wake of growing demand to hand over Sushant's case to the CBI. Meanwhile, allegations of witchcraft behind Sushant's death have been circulating on social media. However, the latest revelation that a large amount of cash was transferred from Sushant's bank account to substantiate the rumors has caused a stir.

Sushant Singh Rajput's father KK Singh has lodged a complaint with the Patna police alleging massive misuse of his son's bank account. It is alleged that Ryane transferred Rs 15 crore from Sushant's account to a secret account. In his complaint, Keke also said that it was clear in the bank statement that more than Rs 3 lakh had been spent in the name of worship. Inspections revealed that over Rs 5 lakh had been transferred to Kolg Feroze Ahmed Sheikh, a trader. Doubts have been expressed about spending so much for puja in a month. On July 14, 2019, at a hotel in Mumbai, Rs. It was revealed that Rs 45,000 was spent on worship materials. 55 thousand 36 thousand on 22nd July 2019 ... 86 thousand rupees on 2nd August 2019 11 thousand on 8th August 2019 9 thousand on 9th August 2019 Allegations are coming that there is something mysterious behind spending 63 thousand rupees on 15th August 2009 60 thousand rupees.

However, there is an argument that Sushant moved into her old house for fear of ghosts roaming around. Netizens allege that Ryane instigated Sushant to move the house. It is said that Sushant stayed in the house of Riya Chakraborty for a few years and then moved to the house where she committed suicide by paying a rent of Rs 4 lakh. However, there are doubts as to why such a large amount of money had to be spent for worship. However, there is no evidence on social media other than the allegations that Sushant Singh was bewitched.