Will Alia be saved only by Rajamouli

Following the mysterious death of Bollywood young hero Sushant Singh Rajput, there has been a large-scale debate on nepotism as a Bollywood hub. Netizens have started trolling Bollywood celebrities, claiming that Sushant's death was due to nepotism. In particular, the targeting of director Mahesh Bhatt's son Tania Alia Bhatt has become a topic of discussion.

This is a serious development for Alia Bhatt's latest film 'Sadak 2'. No movie has ever received as many dislikes as this movie trailer. The film was shot by Sushant Fans Boycott. Directed by Mahesh Bhatt, the film did not do well in terms of ratings. The film received a Critics' Least rating due to its good content and trolling. The rating is very bad at the famous IMDB. Bad with a 1/10 rating. Looking at this scene, shouldn't it have an impact on Alia Bhatt's career or the films she has acted in? That discussion is ongoing. With this, there is a discussion among Bollywood as well as her fans that it is Lera who will save Alia from this husband.

It is known that Alia Bhatt is acting in a crazy movie like `RRR` in Telugu. The major part of the shooting of this film directed by Rajamouli has already been completed. A key schedule for Alia needs to be done. In this context, it is argued that Rajamouli is the only one who can save us from the current situation. The majority of people in Bollywood say yes. Alia, however, dropped out of the RRR! What's really going on in the news? There is no proper clarity on that. If Alia stars in this movie, it will be a plus for her. Fans hope that Rajamouli will be able to get rid of the negative shade that is clinging to him.