We will not come even if you open it ..!

Many industries have collapsed due to corona. The film industry is no doubt one of them. Theaters around the world are also almost shutting down. Nearly 50 percent of theaters around the world have been closed for the past four to five months, even though theaters are open where corona influence is mild. In India, puppetry has been banned in theaters since March. There is a campaign going on about the opening of theaters saying 'Here it is'.

As part of the unlock, it is expected that theaters in India will be allowed to open from August 1. But the Center has decided to keep the theaters locked as there is nothing to worry about now as the conditions are still serious. The possibility of unlocking the theaters for sure in September seems clear. That's why they are ready to make toys from multiplexes to small theaters.

Asian Cinemas, which owns Chain Theaters, posted a poll on Twitter asking if it would be interesting to see if theaters open in September. Nearly half expressed the opinion that it would be better not to open theaters until Corona goes on that poll. Some of the rest wanted to release some movies but some said it would be better to wait for two to three weeks and start. Others called for the theaters to open immediately. The majority informed the theaters of Ramu's decision until Corona left.

Even if the theaters open in September, the occupancy is likely to be only 35 to 50 percent. Whether theaters will open under similar circumstances is a matter of debate. Leading producer Suresh Babu, in an interview a few days ago, opined that the loss would outweigh the gain by opening theaters now. Some, however, are very eager to open theaters. We have to see what happens and what decision the central government takes