The star heroine who is busy as a producer .. will appear on the screen again .. ??

Star heroine Anushka Sharma is currently being called 'Beauty with Brain' in the Bollywood industry. Because Anushka is a star heroine .. as well as the wife of a star cricketer. Coming from the modeling industry, Anushka has played many different roles in her film career. The success rate in the sales account is also high. However, in the field of modeling, for magazines, how many beauties have gone to the movies? Looking at the latest magazine photos shows that he is still doing it. Believe it or not, fashionistas wear clothes that do not sell. Everything from saree to two-piece bikini is common to Anushka. But ‘Beauty with Brain’ Anushka is also proving it. Impressing the audience with the beauty on the screen .. also excels in business with intelligence.

The main reason for calling Anushka as Beauty with Brain is her production company. Founded the production company ‘Clean Slate Films’ and produces new films. She produces not only movies but also the latest web series in her own company. Anushka started a production company in 2014 called 'Clean Slate Films' to impress movie fans. Anushka promotes new talent through her company. Meanwhile, Virat Anushka is currently under house arrest due to lockdown. However, the seller is rejecting all-new movie offers. Ads are also rejected. Because she now seems to be just focusing on her production house. Anushka focuses mainly on dark and horror films. Will she remain the producer .. will she appear on the screen again .. that means she has to say the answer!