Half of the 500 crores will be spent on graphics

Turning to the list of top-5 movies in India in terms of VFX, it includes 2.0-Bahubali-Robo-Tanaji-Padmavat 3D. Some recent movies like this. Producers have spent huge budgets for visual graphics. Visual grandeur was invented on the corresponding silver screen. The audience watched this movie just as insanely. As a result, hundreds of crores were collected at the box office.

If you want to mix graphics .. Blumat - Works very well with indoor shooting in green matte formats. Now it seems that the 22nd movie starring Darling Prabhas will not do much work with visual graphics. There are rumors that nearly Rs 250 crore will be spent on graphics alone. It is rumored that Adipurush will be screened with thrilling scenes with Meluha-like character portrayal inspired by Lord Rama in the Ramayana epic. Graphics are very much needed for that.

It is expected that the more people talk about the graphics of movies like Avatar 2.0, the more they will be able to discuss `Adipurush`. Tanaji Fame Om Routh is directing the film. The series is expected to cost around Rs 500-600 crore. Fans expect Prabhas 22 to be the most speculative film of his career.