Youtube Ban in Pakistan

As we all know youtube is one of the most popular social media platforms. But it might be possible that the Pakistan Government may ban youtube in their country. The government of Pakistan is banning youtube because there is a lot of videos on youtube against the government itself and they do not want this to be watched by the public. Youtube Ban in Pakistan is not for the first time they have already banned it before also so the chances are quite high.

Pakistan Supreme Court Order

Pakistan Government has already banned PUBG in their country and now its time for a youtube ban. Supreme court of Pakistan has already given some hints of banning youtube and the main reason behind is Masses are being provoked against the country’s army, government and judiciary.” this is the statement of Pakistan Supreme court.

Judge Amin also stated that there is a limit to everything and that his tolerance is running out on the content that is shared. It has also asked the Federal Research Agency (FIA) and the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to verify and analyze the published content. He further said that many countries have banned YouTube for some reasons and others control content through local laws that keep everything under control.

It appears that the authorities in Pakistan have resorted to banning everything rather than ensuring a regulatory framework that can help keep things in balance. The recent ban on social media applications and PUBG has already put things tense in the country and young people condemn Telco's decisions.