Will Theaters re Open from August?

Did the exhibitors celebrate the news that they were getting permission from the central government to open theaters across the country? That means the senators know how Sean is. Art does not seem to be on the faces of theater owners, especially in the Telugu states. Because running the theater is not so ambitious.

There are days when there are no epidemics, and there are days when people or flies fly in theaters. The original was gone without an audience coming to theaters after the first weekend. Can't you imagine what the situation would be like in Corona's difficult times now? The big dilemma is how to maintain two current toilets if it follows the government rule that it should also fill half the seats. Now in addition to all this, all the chairs in the middle of each show should be sanitized. Bathrooms should be washed. Toy Let Maintenance Canteen Maintenance, as well as Bicycle Scooter Car Stand Bhajan, is as it should be. That's why theaters are allowed to open! The exhibitor's face did not light up when the news came.

Even if the government hints that theaters are opening, will it be a movie that people actually watch? This means that there are producers who have the guts to release big movies from the medium range ..! Almost all of the producers are not in a position to come forward for the release of their films with the big fear that people with corona fear will come to the theaters. Putting this aside the theaters will not be of any use to anyone unless full occupancy is given ..! There are also a lot of practical problems with other things from close to the toilets. Is anyone ready to venture out if theaters open? I mean .. according to the rumors in Phillaur .. there is a talk going on whether Raj Tarun will make a film as Ore Buzzi. Is Yuva Hero ready for producer release with permission? That is to be seen.