Sushant physical trainer reveals sensational facts in sting operation ...!

Bollywood hero Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case: A new thing is coming out every day. Sushant's fitness trainer Sami Ahmed has revealed some sensational facts about Riya Chakraborty. Sami reveals about the treatment given to Riya Sushant in a sting operation conducted by a popular national channel.

Sami Ahmed said, "I have been working with Sushant for the last 5 years. He worked very hard. Takes a lot of care about mental health rather than about the body. Usually, movie stars do not eat ice creams like junk food. But Sushant eats them and also keeps the body fit, ”he said. He further said, "Sushant Singh is a very good man. He is not like everyone else. Very close to our sale along with me. He spoke to me two weeks before he died. Knowing that my mother would die on May 29, she called me on June 1 and talked for a long time. Dare to tell me if there is any need. After that I went to his house and met him. Take good care of your father .. I know what kind of tragedy there is due to the death of the mother. It saddened me to hear the news that he was dead within two weeks of talking to me. It took a long time to recover from it, ”he said.

"Everything changed when Sushant came with Riya Chakraborty. His behavior has changed since then. Sushant may have been given drugs without following Riya's doctors' advice. The doctor who is treating him does not know what happened to Sushant before that. Sushant was treated by a doctor who brought Riya without knowing his mental condition. Sushant was unaware of his health problems. He gave medicines to Sushant without knowing about the treatment counseling given by the doctor earlier, ”said Sami Ahmed during the sting operation.