PUBG may get Banned in India

If you are also fond of PUBG, then this news may be sad for you. After TikTok, the Indian government is also banning PUBG, another favorite app of most people. In fact, after banning 59 Chinese apps on 29 June 2020, the Indian government has now decided to ban 47 Chinese apps as well.

In fact, clones of some apps have started appearing on the Play Store, in view of this, the Government of India has taken this decision. In such a situation, it is being speculated that people's favorite PUBG can also be included in it. Now, various types of questions have started arising in the minds of people about PUBG. For your information, let us know that India is the largest market for PUBG. According to a report, PUBG has been installed by around 175 million people so far.

Can PUBG Mobile be banned in India? Does this app also fall under the category of Chinese apps? Where does this app stand on data security and privacy? Here is our attempt to give you answers to some such questions arising in your mind regarding multiplayer gaming pub.

Matter of privacy

The privacy policy of PUBG Mobile is also like most other apps, which access much important and unnecessary information from users. The privacy policy of PUBG Mobile says that the company's servers are also in India and the data of the users here are stored in its servers. Its servers are also in China. The company also stores some user data on servers in the US and Singapore.

The company can share your data with the third party

As far as the sharing of the personal information of the user is concerned, the company can give the data of Indian users of PUBG Mobile to any third party. The company clearly says we allow any third party to collect and use your data. We are responsible to ensure that no third party users disclose personal information with anyone.