Ileana Speaks on Tollywood Nepotism

We have to see and learn from our heroines how to hit a raft after crossing the river. Tapsee Pannu has made serious allegations against director K Raghavendra Rao, who had earlier offered him his first film. I heard that heroines like Sridevi-Jayaprada put flowers and fruits on their bellies. But I was accused of putting a coconut shell all over my belly. He also said that he was not ready for it at that time. Did you fall asleep without taking such a scene !! That was a direct statement. Fans are on fire that Tapsee changed his mind when Tata Butta Sardesi went to Bollywood here. Is he blaming Raghavendra who gave him his life? It is known that the fans played Tapsee in a range.

Goa beauty Ileana has recently made a similar allegation if she thinks the Tapsee episode is over. Ileana, however, slipped her mouth shut on the topic of nepotism in Tollywood. So who is Ileana? I mean .. Tollywood has been harshly criticized for running on total nepotism. Newcomers find it very difficult to grow up in Tollywood. Nepotism became a big debate after the sudden death of Sushant Singh Rajput. It was in that order that Ileana made such an unexpected comment in an interview.

So what do Tollywood celebrities say about this? I mean ... all the heroines are coming into the industry without any film background and no one is undermining them to grow in their career, right? Why making such allegations. Is the raft burning after crossing the river? Reverse counters are being laid. Ileana seems to have forgotten about Tollywood when she left for Bollywood. Why did the plate deviate? After forgetting everything .. Is it because Maharaja Ravi Teja called me as a fan and gave me another offer? Or did none of the top heroes who were actors after that make an offer to him?