Breaking News: Corona positive for Rajamouli ...!

The corona epidemic is intensifying day by day. Cases are on the rise and deaths are on the rise. The pandemic is not leaving the general public as well as celebrities. Corona has also created a stir in the movie industry. Many people in the industry are already aware of the corona infection. The sequel has now sparked a corona epidemic at the home of star director-director Rajamouli. Rajamouli himself revealed this. Rajamouli said on Twitter that Corona was diagnosed positive along with her family members and was in the home quarantine following the doctor's instructions.

Rajamouli tweeted, "A few days ago, my family members got a fever. We underwent corona diagnostic tests even though it was reduced. However, the results of today's test confirmed that there were slight corona symptoms. We are in the home quarantine following the doctor’s instructions. Although infected with the corona there are currently no symptoms. We will, however, take all precautions and remain vigilant. Looking forward to the time when antibodies grow. Only then can we donate plasma, ”he said. Many movie celebrities and fans are tweeting that the Rajamouli family is recovering well from Corona.

Meanwhile, Bollywood senior hero Amitabh Bachchan and his family are aware of the corona infection. Already Aishwarya Rai and Adhya are out of the corona. Hero Vishal revealed on social media that his father GK Reddy was infected with corona. However, Vishal announced that he did not take Ayurvedic medicine and came out in just a week. Now we are all healthy. Tollywood producer actor Bandla Ganesh also conquered Corona.