PM Modi shared the song on corona virus on social media, said this for the singer

PM Modi shared the song on corona virus on social media, said this for the singer

Along with the whole world, the crisis of corona virus is increasing in India too.  The number of people infected with the corona virus in India has increased to 341.  At the same time, the death toll has increased to six.  The Janata curfew had to be used on Sunday to end this crisis.  According to this appeal made by PM Modi, no one was requested to leave the house.  Bollywood stars have also supported Prime Minister Modi's Janata curfew.

Many stars supported the Janata curfew via social media.  Also appealed to his fans not to leave the house.  The stars also asked their fans to take precautions issued by the government to avoid the corona virus.  Meanwhile, famous folk singer Malini Awasthi also appealed to her fans to avoid the corona virus in a very different way, along with PM Modi being part of the Janata curfew.

Malini Awasthi has composed a song on Corona virus, which was also praised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  Malini Awasthi's song on the corona has said, 'Watch the winds sitting, the effect is so deep.  Everyone has asked, see the danger is greater.  Do not be afraid to smile, together you have to defeat it, after all, what are you swallowing, oh why have you come to Corona.  Look wherever you are, home or office.  Things started coming in now, started scaring people now and now, people are starting to get scared, they have a strange disease, do not be afraid to smile, together we have to defeat it. '

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared the video of this song of Malini Awasthi on his Twitter account.  Also wrote in his tweet, 'Everyone is trying to contribute on behalf of Janata curfew.  Folk singer Malini Awasthi ji is inspiring people in her style.  Malini Awasthi's Corona Virus song on social media is becoming quite viral.

Let us tell you that the corona virus outbreak has been increasing rapidly all over the world for the last few days.  To prevent the outbreak of this dangerous virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asked for a public curfew.  With this, he appealed to the people of the country not to leave the house.  In an appeal to the people of the country, PM Modi also said that everyone should stay in their home and help fight the corona virus and encourage them by making five beige applause and plates in the evening.

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