Udit Narayan's disclosure on Neha-Aditya's marriage, fans' heart will break

A heart breaking announcement on Neha And Aditya narayan marriage

The news of Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan's wedding is full of social media. Fans of both are waiting for this special moment. Some time ago, Neha's brother Tony Kakkar released a video stating that Neha and Aditya will get married on February 14. Now only three days are left in the marriage, but in the meantime a news has come, knowing that the fans will be heartbroken.

The news of Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan's marriage is false. Yes ... You read it right, both of them are not getting married and this was revealed by Aditya's father Udit Narayan in an interview. He has said that all this is being done only to increase the TRP of Indian Idol 11. Because Neha is the judge of the show and Aditya is the anchor.

Udit Narayan Clears the rumors in an Interview

In an interview to Bollywood Hungama, Udit Narayan said, 'Aditya is our only son. We are eagerly awaiting his marriage. If the rumors of his marriage were true, my wife and I would be happiest in this world.

Udit Narayan further said, 'If Aditya had been getting married in a few days, he would have informed his parents. The link-up and wedding rumors are just to increase the Indian Idol's TRP. Neha is a very nice girl. We will have no hesitation in accepting her as her daughter-in-law. '

Recently, in a promo of Indian Idol, Aditya Narayan talked about kissing Neha Kakkar. While looking at Valentine's Week, Neha Kakkar says that she did not go to college, so she could not see things like Rose Day, Propose Day and Taddy Day. After this, Aditya gifts a teddy bear Neha Kakkar. Aditya says that when you read two and a half letters of love, what will you do after going to college. I wanted to say one thing to you that a Kiss Day also comes in these five days. Neha Kakkar feels ashamed after hearing this.

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