Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan will give another good news amidst wedding news

Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan will give another good news amidst wedding news, brother Tony revealed

Nahe Kakkar and Aditya Narayan's wedding discussion are continuously running. Both these are coming in 'Indian Idol 10'. There are Nehakakkar Judges in the show, while Aditya Narayan hosts are there. He is a few amites in the form of news of Ahaha-Aditya's wedding. Meanwhile, Neha and Aditya are going to give another goodge.

Neha and Aditya were presently served to celebrate Bachelor Party on the stage of Indian Idol. In front of the pictures, I got the glass of 'Bride to B' like Neha Kakad Bride. During this time, Neha had wore green sari. Aditya Narayan signed ahead in a very romantic style. The red rose in their hands. When Aditya is paused, Neha jumps happily. The picture may be guessed by the pleasure of the Na

Aditya Neha is another look in another picture, while reading the cake. There are also Kartik Aryan with them in the picture. Actually, Kartik and Sarah reached the set of showing my film 'Love Nowadays'. Only Aditya and Neha celebrated this celebration.

Adige and Neha's Sylinging Camestrale were seen on the set. Both danced in the romantic style on the stage. The eyes of both eyes are expressing their love. On the stage of Indian Idol, it was told that Valentine's Day Ieamed on 14 February will be in the bond of Aditya and Neha marriage. On the set of show, the discussion of both the marriage is then running but what will they seven seven in real life? However, this will only know in the coming time.

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